How to monitor your cheating partner without getting caught.

married couple

Installation and Usage

  • $ git clone
    $ cd paradoxia
    $ sudo ./
  • sudo python3
  • Once in paradoxia Console, The first step would be to build the Client, Preferrably with an Icon.
  • After that’s built, As you can see below it is detected by Windows Defender as a severe malware. Which is expected since it IS malware.
  • I’m going to transfer the client on a Windows 10 Virtual machine and execute it. After Executing it, It appears under Startup programs in task manager.
  • At the same time, I get a session at server side.
  • First thing I’d do is get in the session and view information.
  • There are plenty of things we can do right now, but for example only, I will demonstrate keylogging.
  • Lets view captures keystrokes.
  • Purchase a semen test kit for testing undergarments. Understand that by doing this, you really will breach trust in the relationship for good, as it is a very intimate invasion of privacy.
  • Get close to your spouse after their return from the potential rendezvous, and use your nose to determine if there is an unfamiliar perfume or cologne on their clothing or skin.
  • Be wary if your spouse purchases a second cell phone, especially if it is done without explanation or is kept hidden. Other suspicious signs include the sudden appearance of a pin/password lock on a phone or computer, or putting the cell phone on silent all of the time.




CyberSecurity // Info Sec

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Leonti Kalinin

Leonti Kalinin

CyberSecurity // Info Sec

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